Zhou summary drops fast merge domain XH com worth 3 million 500 thousand yuan

renamed China (eName.cn) February 15th news, this week, in the name Chinese held "360 degree digital storm struck" digital domain special auction, there are a lot of high-quality digital domain got a good price. In addition, according to the latest DN data show that the 2 letter domain name XH.com to $560 thousand, about $3 million 500 thousand to get the first list price. While rumored to merge with the taxi drops and quick taxi finally on Valentine’s Day officially announced the merger.

domain name 488.com lead digital storm



: the domestic domain name transaction figure

This week’s

domain name trading market is a fine, especially this week "China held special digital domain name auction, is the digital domain name market makes it very promising more fiery. In addition to 3 digital domain name 488.com shot out of the price of $2 million 860 thousand, 717.com shot out of 1 million 590 thousand yuan, 954.com is also the price of $405 thousand shoot.

in addition, in the digital domain name trading in the other 2, digital domain name 13.cn was acquired by Shenzhen micro Angel company with one million yuan price, 86.com.cn price of 241 thousand yuan to take 4 digital domain name node, 6262.com about 370 thousand yuan shoot.

in the market letter names this week, single letter domain n.com.cn to over one million yuan price change, 2 letter domain name pk.cn about 1 million 80 thousand yuan shoot, "car" qc.cn million transactions, is 2 letters and is a single spell domain name ji.com by Chinese people from overseas to recover, transfer price of 4 million 50 thousand yuan sold. There are xh.com, xx.cn, vv.cn, lv.cn and other 2 letter names are expensive.

this week, is the pressure of a head of digital domain name Pinyin domain name transaction, there are several terminal enabled Pinyin domain name site, acquisition station education and enable single spell domain name zhan.com, buy wine net acquisition and enable Larry maijiu.cn, the most beautiful flowers opening of the huakai.com line, the China Telecom received merger enabled tianyigou.com Tianyi build website, gold wealth enabled three spell jincaifu.com line.

2 letter domain names are more than 3 million yuan knot


According to the latest

DN Top20 list data show that almost all mainstream domain name list, a total of 19, of which, 2 letter names XH.com, XJ.com respectively to 560 thousand U.S. dollars (about 3 million 500 thousand yuan), $520 thousand (about 3 million 250 thousand yuan) price ranked first, second. Ranked third is $375000, about $2 million 340 thousand to shoot the domain name Rangers.com.

in this list, >

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