Ministry of Finance approved the sale of lottery tickets without a license

[Abstract] the Ministry of Finance said that Internet Co lottery sales need to apply to the Ministry of finance, belongs to administrative examination and approval, no license. May 8 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Han Jie, Zhang Tuo) the current annual lottery sales have exceeded three hundred billion yuan, with the Internet penetration of our daily life, Internet sales of lottery is becoming a hot topic. Network sales lottery in China is a legal compliance for this emerging field, China is how to regulate this, the reporter interviewed the 8 person in charge of the relevant departments of the Ministry of finance.

allows Internet sales of lottery tickets but must be approved by the Ministry of finance

China will allow Internet sales of lottery? The reporter learned from the Ministry of finance, according to the 2012 release of "lottery sales management approach" relevant provisions of China’s lottery sales model can include physical store sales, telephone sales, Internet sales, self-service terminal sales.

relevant departments in charge of the Ministry of Finance stressed that, in accordance with the lottery regulations, lottery issuance is an important part of the lottery regulation. Lottery issuing institutions (namely Fucai Center, sports lottery center) to change the lottery, shall be subject to approval of the Ministry of civil affairs and the State Sports General Administration review, and submit the application to the Treasury and change matters related materials, make a written decision to review the application after the Ministry of finance.

, that is, although the lottery sales model has several options, but before the implementation of the specific, subject to approval by the Ministry of finance." The official said, in 2010 issued the Interim Measures for the sale of lottery tickets on the Internet clearly stipulates that without the approval of the Ministry of finance, any unit shall not carry out Internet sales of lottery business."

Internet sales lottery countries are strictly regulated

lottery social concern, easy to become a social topic". The Ministry of Finance said that the lottery is a low threshold by randomness and fairness to attract people to participate in activities and games, not only has a broad mass base and social infrastructure, with the game also features the issue of the sale must strictly regulate the management, to avoid the "lottery" phenomenon.

lottery social concern, high sensitivity, the world’s most stringent regulation of the lottery industry." Ministry of Finance responsible person pointed out, especially the use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets, because of the characteristics of virtual sex, safety management more difficult, more social responsibilities, countries around the world have taken more stringent Prudential supervision.

approved the sale of lottery tickets without a license, said

concern for the outside world to let the network of lottery sales, will release its license ". The Ministry of Finance said, according to the" lottery management regulations "lottery management regulations" implementation rules ", and the provisions of the Interim Measures for the administration of Internet sales of lottery tickets issued in 2010 this year" and "new" telemarketing lottery interim "so, carry telephone, Internet sales of lottery tickets by lottery >

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