Secret nternet traffic cheating long standing unspoken rules into the industry

a flow of the home page of the site.

recent data fraud was exposed. According to Caixin reported that in October 18th the latest survey results, Alibaba deal with the 4 executives, including Tmall, including the president, and admitted that a cell phone reservation data artificially changed.

business selling data traffic fraud is not uncommon. Behind many data bubbles, mixed with the interests of the impulse, the role of face.

China Youth Daily reporter interviewed a number of Internet researchers, practitioners have said that the phenomenon of traffic cheating does exist. "This is a long-standing rule." Blog network founder Fang Dongxing told reporters.

"everybody knows the rules"

"buy traffic? I have, I bought 100MB." Wang Qing (a pseudonym) do not know what is the site traffic. He said that 100MB is just virtual space.

2013, office workers Wang Qingli used his spare time to do a website, although it is profitable, but he is still only in the circle of acquaintances to do the promotion. The sad thing is that the site is not an ad.

site traffic usually refers to the amount of site visits, including the number of independent visitors (UV), the number of page views (PV) and other indicators. These indicators affect the advertiser’s determination to advertise.


" is the main site of the home business leaders in the dynamic." Wang Qing’s plan is to do a good job of the content of the site, to attract enough people to browse, with the popularity of the talk about advertising, and even business leaders can be invited, anyway, spare time to do, you can slowly".

he is still a staunch believer in "content is king". Every day, the site updated more than ten pieces of information, news from the major media. In the background of the editing system, in order to adjust a font, he will sometimes refresh repeatedly browse several times.

this site running for two years, Wang Qing looks forward to the first ad has not come. In the world web site Alexa rankings, his website ranked millions. Because far more than 100 thousand, the site is not even the time to show the amount of access are not eligible.

"the other side is the advertiser, you say your site is good, how to prove, only to see the ranking." Wang Qing slowly understand this truth.

Liu Fei (a pseudonym) served by the site, did not pay attention to this ranking. This is a news website, with an official background, adhere to clean content, as to how to improve the amount of visits, was not the focus of the site.

with respect to the "silent" sites, commercial sites in a hidden fighting battlefield. In this battlefield, because with the realization of the linked together, the amount of access becomes invisible resources.

focuses on the Internet many years before the media Chinese told Yang Miao youth >

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