Make good use of social media marketing website let a tiger with wings added

use of social media marketing website let a tiger with wings added

hasn’t talked about such a topic, today a friend suddenly said to me want to advertise in newspapers, we talked a lot, so want to write an article about SEO social media marketing article. Perhaps the topic of network marketing has been a lot of predecessors have been discussed, but today I want to talk about the experience and views of social media marketing:

first: what is the basis of social media marketing?

this question I always did not want to understand, remember just contact network marketing is a cult, but when they need to operate is unable to start, its roots do not know what is the basis of social media marketing


is also in the near future I want to understand this problem, we are talking about a word is a network, contacts can not be separated from the relationship, so the foundation of social media marketing is the establishment of the relationship chain. Especially in today’s era of network society, social media marketing has a very significant advantage – we have a high degree of trust in the information (also can be said to be word of mouth). Only this kind of very good trust and relationship chain can play an absolute advantage.

second: how to start social media marketing

a way to start recently popular micro-blog’s social media marketing, in fact, according to the different resources can have different start-up modes, such as the traditional TV advertising, online video, the local forum or Baidu platform, or even by the force onto the hot topic list and so on. The spread of force is like a stone into the chain by the majority of users of the composition of the pond, the fall of the moment ripples will be a circle and a circle quickly spread out, the more widely spread.

third: what is the driving force of social media marketing


remember that when I was a child, I often threw stones at the river with my classmates, who threw the ball far away, who threw the biggest ripples, so we chose the bigger stones to throw out. We do the key to the success of social media marketing is also the case, marketing content (stone) determines the spread of power, the relationship between the chain into a certain point of information, through the rapid spread of the relationship chain. Therefore, the most difficult and important part of the social media marketing is the quality of marketing content, as the current needs to be able to transmit voltage.

fourth: social media marketing environment

compared to SEO, social media marketing need not what special request, I think, as long as have the social attributes of the media, the platform can be carried out, such as we used blogs, forums, QQ group is as everyone knows. At present, we are more optimistic about such as Baidu, Tencent, Taobao, micro-blog’s open platform, the site’s social sharing features and three party login, etc.. So almost all of the web

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