Jiang Likun content strategy in website operation promotion

push a forum website diagnosis so far, has been free for more than 500 sites were diagnosed. During this period, the author found a phenomenon, many websites operators or station to the site in the hopes that all the promotion, but ignore the importance of the content; or understand the importance of the content, but do not know how to formulate the correct content strategy. So today to discuss jianglikun website content strategy and everyone. Mainly from the flow (PV), IP, Alexa ranking, brand, user registration of these five aspects to explore.

, a content strategy to improve traffic

What is the key to

traffic (PV)? It’s easy for users to click on the web page and read the content. Browse more pages, traffic naturally up. How to increase the user’s click behavior


1, according to user preferences, increase the number of articles. Note that the article here refers to the contents of the user likes.

2, enhance the relevance between the relevant articles. For example, the end of the article in the recommended article, the text of the text links, key links, articles related to the end of the news, recommended reading, picture links, etc..

3, increase the number of pages, operation steps. For example, the operation can be completed step by step, into two steps; a page to display the contents of the end, into a page of two. Like the number of pages to increase the number of articles in the download page jump page, etc..

4, entertainment content. For users, the Internet is the ultimate goal of entertainment, so want to increase the stickiness and flow of the site, the appropriate entertainment content is essential. For example, the most commonly used commercial sites a trick: a variety of beauty gallery.

5, other methods. For example, set up some automation functions, like a lot of pictures station often used in automatic flip function etc..


in flow based content strategy first wrote this, want to know more friends can refer to the author’s previous article "Jiang Likun: ten strokes to the content page," double flow "Jiang Likun: the Ten Secrets of traffic rise".

two, enhance the content strategy IP

and PV is closely related to the IP, and then talk about the promotion of IP related content strategy.

1, SEO, this is not much to say, the eternal theme.

2, enough internal capacity. Than pushing a forum in the site of the diagnosis is often asked: why not go on the flow and IP." The results of a look, the number of articles but a hundred, how high.

3, special columns and content. Steady growth in the site IP key is the conversion rate of new users, if the user does not fall down, it will be difficult to have a big growth. Even if some methods can get a lot of IP in a short time, but a long time or to promote a stop, IP will immediately drop. Therefore, the characteristics of the content and the construction of the column is very important, these are left

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