Micro broad network founder Da Nan interview micro business platform era is coming

is a member of the South loose brotherhood, the electricity supplier to do fast, after 2013 began to cut into the field of micro, micro business consultant had many large companies, now Jingdong has a "WeChat marketing 2" was written by him.

When the June South

said to me, he made a micro business platform, suddenly reminds me of the interest. Because the micro business development of the industry up to now, from the beginning of the disorderly chaos of competition to the gradual standardization of specialization, continuous improvement of the downstream industry chain, there is such a platform appeared. And to the south of entrepreneurial experience and the derivative of the understanding of the industry, I feel he should be able to do this platform.


and now my circle do derivative is also a lot of people, most of them full of confusion on the future development of the industry is also seeking the integration of resources, will be invited to talk about the micro business thinking of the south, also introduce him to do micro broad network (www.wekuo.com) concept, then this is a period of the interview.

pine: what do you think about the development of micro – industry in 2015

South: the development of many people in the industry of micro business feel discouraged, I do have a lot of contact with the small and micro business gradually do not continue, in general, taking some pessimistic industry in 2015. This situation is at the beginning of the year when I was expecting it was to write about the derivative of second books, including a view that is mentioned in the 2015 micro chamber of commerce is the specialized group and standardization of the year, a typical performance is: lack of funds, methods and resources of grassroots the micro chamber of a large number of dead, including a number of people in the past to do good. Because to tell the truth before the rise of the micro business is still very good dividends, some people do very successful not because of their own cattle force, just because the right time to start doing business. But by 2015 this will not work, will pay more and more attention to methods and inputs. But we must see the micro business itself or in the development of this industry, from the overall volume and working population, and many other micro third party data can be seen.

pine: what advice do you have for the grassroots


South: Although this year to do more sophisticated micro business resources and professional operation, but does not mean that there is no chance of grassroots. There are many methods and strategies, I think it is worth considering a direction is to do non-standard products, that is, some small and beautiful, less popular, with its own characteristics and advantages of the product. Micro business is the essence of their contacts and influence of the transformation of the way, in fact, it is conducive to the sale of non-standard products. Of course, the professional methods of operation and techniques must be improved, the industry is also very fast change, to keep learning.

loose: Why did you start the idea of creating a micro channel network platform micro –

South: first of course is optimistic about the micro business.

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