Gome online together the 36 day of the electricity supplier to promote the Spring Festival

2015 New Year’s day just ended, the electricity supplier began to step up preparations for the upcoming Spring Festival of the sheep. This year, double 11 double 12 "with the United States online once again took the lead exposure Spring Festival big promotion strategy, leading industry. It is reported that the United States online from January 13th to open the "years together" as the theme of the New Year party, until February 17th, up to 36 days of the new year drama staged a grand opening up, big day, new year’s Eve APP sing, mood and other special activities turns the stage, not to be missed even Taiwan.

the United States and the United States to promote the Spring Festival theme poster

mobile phone day, home appliances every day burst ex gratia HUAWEI glory 6 only 1999

it is understood that the United States online open big lie ", together" as the theme, the main emotion: brand marketing and users together, for a full range of services to the interests of users and suppliers; together, jointly launched the big commodity quality and preferential; and family together, to enrich the quality of special purchases for the Spring Festival. Relatives and friends to send New Year gifts and blessings. At the same time, Gome online will rely on the advantages of the supply chain under the line, the integration of group strategic resources, logistics, procurement, information sharing platform, according to the data analysis of consumer demand, launched a series of promotion, in order to bring the sheep year chelseagreat.

will start over from February 17th to January 13th, January 13th to 20, as "peak, featured 2014 selling special purchases for the Spring Festival" explosion models, all of the goods bargain, tear famous, as well as gold watch "gold special"; January 21st to February 3rd for the "big, big goods pay New Year’s call" hundred years will idle away in seeking pleasure, prize, gift cards, discount code everything, Home Furnishing home new year for the new house, the whole product group purchase, staged a series of; on February 4th to 17 as "the Spring Festival is not closing, Valentine’s Day gift promotion, home appliances etc. the last bus has been hit on New Year’s eve.

is worth mentioning is that the Spring Festival Promotion, Gome online will launch a mobile phone on Tuesday and Thursday for the first time in 2015, home appliance day every Tuesday and Thursday, mobile phone and home appliance brand product explosion models will become the special session. In January 13th, the first stage is the "HUAWEI" mobile phone, the explosion models 1999 glory 6 high seckill the whole network, the glory of 6 Plus, Mate7 spot supply. January 15th Thursday home appliance is the home appliance king Haier special. Since then, millet, apple, Samsung, Midea, GREE and other domestic and foreign mobile phones, home appliances will soon debut, but also the lowest price of the whole network, and ensure adequate supply.

to meet the needs of young users cross-border cooperation with mobile

it is understood that the big promotion activities, brand positioning, Gome online will continue to adhere to the young fashion, cater to the needs of users, for the users home troubles, launched a marketing strategy, "the sign", "pass card" brush face concessions and other activities, so that the majority of users’ face go home". In the mobile terminal and the United States online will "sing", "mood APP" cross-border cooperation, launched the "Start > sing

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