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Internet sites have been too many, there are good and bad, ranking of course on the exam, what a good website ranking and website promotion they do better, so in order to have absolute advantage in the Internet, to the net station aggregation local talent shows itself.

construction site after the most important job is to do website promotion, website optimization is often the search engine optimization work, then what are the website promotion method can put the keywords you want to do? Let me and we talk about several methods of website promotion.

. A good internal links website, each chain can be for you to increase the page weight, if there are tens of thousands of thousands of pages pointing to this page, then don’t do the chain, is in the chain, ranking is certainly good.

two. Links choice, if you are a website construction related content, so you are looking for the best PR value is Links high, is also building websites or web development within, that is to say there is a certain correlation, so your website can get higher weights.

three. Update the content of the site, the site’s page to keep updated regularly, often updated web search engine will often grab your page.

four. The promotion of external links, the chain is to do the most important step to promote.

five. Advertising promotion, this method is very effective, but the cost is expensive.

six. Click to promote the flow of the union, according to IP Click to pay.

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