2014 new trends in Web menu 21 cases of stylish and innovative sidebar menu Web Design

believe it or not, the sidebar menu will be a new trend of 2014! In fact, the menu has a very long history, the beginning it was only used in computer application, then gradually to the popular social media site. Now a lot of single page design website menu is very beautiful and convenient.

to enjoy some superb sidebar menu:


a simple web site full of organic atmosphere. Developers use vertical parallax with static side menu bar to showcase their products.


Michael Ngo

has a very bright and clean layout. The side menu simply straightforward. Although the color is single, the whole looks very pure.


Create Pilates

the site is strongly dependent on color matching. Yellow and white to create a positive atmosphere. The great menu on the left does a good job of interacting with the user, focusing on the navigation bar.



and the first few sites with different colors, the site uses a free and mysterious black color scheme, and the white leisure navigation bar on the left, giving a strong impression. The beauty of the side navigation bar is that the space is big enough and the self is small enough to give a lot of space to the navigation bar.



has two side menu bar. The use of traditional black and white with a simple icon instructions make the site navigation content at a glance.


Wanda Print

site navigation also uses a double menu, and a wide space. The menu is so broad, the layout is so simple, with a strong contrast between the navigation and the background, making the site very delicate and free.


Black Ram Whisky

has a unique design. Through the mysterious appearance and details of the drawing attracted the attention of the user. Narrow side navigation as a supplement, played a finishing touch effect.


Trask Industries

the site is designed to create a huge visual impact. A lot of links

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