A symbol of youth blood eSports is doomed to a tuyere

we have a generation of people who grew up with the computer and electronic game from the beginning of 90s in China, now there are more than 20 years or so, from the impact of electronic sports life to the great scourges of much attention, it brings us not as fun.

E-sports is the video game to achieve competitive level activities. E-sports is the use of electronic equipment as a sports equipment, the intellectual confrontation between people. Electronic athletics is a kind of occupation, and other non electronic games like chess, in 2011, the State Sports General Administration will be changed for the Seventy-eighth batch of electronic sports official sports competition items.

in August this year, Wings team won the TI6 championship, the team won the DotA China defending world champion in the even years of tradition, once again successfully "Aegis" (DOTA2 trophy) back to the Chinese.

and other sports, every gaming champion and every Olympic champion as worthy of respect.

August, iResearch released the "report" on the 2016 Chinese electronic sports industry and the game live, display Chinese gaming users reached 170 million overall in 2016, 2015 the end of the tour gaming market size of 26 billion 900 million yuan, in 2016 is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan. The gaming game is still the main part of income accounted for more than 91.5%, gaming derivatives accounted for less than 7.4%, tournament revenues accounted for only 1.1%.

from the game itself and its derivative income, income is very small compared to the traditional sports, football, basketball sports two big brother income composition, Chinese gaming is still in the learning stage.

September 5th, China’s Ministry of education, vocational education and Adult Education Department announced the "2017 to do a good job in vocational schools to recruit students to declare the work of the notice". Among them, the name of electronic sports and management.

in September 18th, the Ministry of Culture issued a notice, requirements of the country to accelerate the dance entertainment and game entertainment such as traditional culture and entertainment industry transformation and upgrading. Among them, special mention to build support for regional, national and even international game entertainment competition, promote the development of the industry.

gaming industry is a new sunrise industry, now has eSports occupation specialization, especially in the 90 and 00 young people, has become a mainstream form of entertainment.

CCTV reported, is expected in the future, the gaming industry will reach one hundred billion yuan of scale, the game operation in about 30 billion yuan, the future competition pattern + anchor may bring 200-300 billion in value, and the broadcast media channels about 400-500 million yuan growth space.

The reason why many people say that

gaming is the next outlet, not only in gaming and the games and the relation between countless live, "

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