Flowers and trees are Miao farmers effort nternet era adds a new way of agricultural seedlings

Internet brings a huge impact on the traditional industry, which is almost self-evident. Since fresh preservation, so it is difficult to transport the goods into the electricity supplier giants scramble for development, so this relatively easy transportation and products already with the Internet company, to create a new industrial integration of various types of colors.

Internet hit flowers near the


in addition to the traditional seedling farmers to elaborate cultivation of flowers and trees, flowers and the way form industry has been very different from the culture, from the initial sale of seedlings monotonous to today’s farmhouse, landscape tourism, tourism and sales through-train service, and industry has been integrated into all walks of life, is a new the attitude on agricultural seedlings and the Internet story.

scene one: a hundred years nursery base by the Internet to shape tourism and other service industries

day before, the tourism industry has been completed with the success of the Internet, a variety of online travel giants are already playing "tickets for 1 yuan, 1 yuan ticket" big battle. Single in the tourism industry, flowers, nursery and other large industrial base itself is a tourist resort, and innovation on the part of the government push wave flow, or local nursery stock companies are worth mentioning, the already successful case of the formation of the local tourism industry by seedling base.

autumn silver Xinglin, leaves, spring and summer is full of ornamental flowers everywhere, the nursery base is no longer satisfied with the existing mode of sale, in addition to plasticity of the tourism industry, there are a lot of flowers to the base for the development of landscape tourism real estate industry.

scenario two: Forum communication conference, interpersonal communication indifference, Internet gene breeding

has 20 years of experience, participants claiming to humble flowers seedlings agricultural entrepreneur said, the most impressive is the latest Fuzhou flowers information exchange, the scene is warm and unforgettable, the most important thing is that I feel the meeting changed theme. Not once again people are shaking hands, smiling nervously met scene, after participants resorted to with the presence of businessmen climbing exhaust all the skills and knowledge, because the opportunity is rare, met more rare business opportunities. But this forum is very different from the past, the appearance of students exchange at the mobile phone makers "writing", the spirit of a sudden from the most simple communication between people become to gradually move closer to the modern marketing, network marketing, various seedlings bigwigs busy business transformation, industry upgrade is also busy busy staking.


network will become the OCS way the most basic and most perfect flowers industry

the influence of the Internet on traditional industries has reached the point of, for seedling farmers, using the Internet to open flowers industry’s new marketing channels will become another industry myth. However, using the Internet to expand and business, the expansion of tourism landscape, close the real estate industry total non flowers industry.

for the flower industry, the establishment of a unique, high degree of brand and website.

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