Leslie Black is GTT’s ‘Pink Warrior’

first_imgThe Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) ‘Pink Warrior’ Leslie Black is a man of strength; strength that transcends beyond the physical and is embedded in his very spirit. It is this strength that Leslie uses to commit his time and his more than two decades of expertise as an athletics coach, to push both himself and others to success.Popularly knowns as ‘Blacks’, Leslie has dedicated much of his time to working alongside the Guyana Cancer Foundation and he declares that this is because it was something very close to his heart.In the year 2012, tragedy struck Leslie’s family when his daughter died from Stage Four cancer. His family had first become aware of his now late daughter’s illness when she had begun spitting up blood in 2008.She was taken to various doctors and specialists and began treatment soon after being diagnosed with the illness. Unfortunately, the cancer continued to spread, leaving the entire family devastated after her untimely death.Having had the experience of how cancer changes the lives of not only its victims but their loved ones as well, Leslie wants to encourage both men and women to ensure that they are getting their regular check-ups. Most persons, he stated, would wait until something happens to them before they get a check-up and this can be dangerous as often, there are no immediate symptoms of the disease.When his daughter had become ill, Leslie searched for ways he could become involved in the fight against cancer and it was then that he began work with the Guyana Cancer Foundation. Every year since then, Leslie continues to offer his help and support to the GCF.Doing more this year, Leslie decided that his contribution in helping to spread awareness would be made through offering his experience of being a coach. The aim of this ‘GTT Pink Warrior’ is to help prepare persons interested in participating in GTT 5k/10k walk/run.Leslie meets with participants for a half hour every day where he offers training free of cost. Leslie’s aim is not only to help these persons, but to create a lasting impact on the exercise habits of those participating. GTT recognises these efforts made by Leslie and will continue to support him in his philanthropic visions.last_img

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