Betta Tencent led the one hundred million financing is a live video of the spring or winter

Abstract: before the video originator closed after Video Star financing. For the 2016 video broadcast industry, opportunities and challenges coexist.

March 15th Tencent shares paradise news finally settled, Betta TV said, has completed a new $100 million round of financing, the Tencent invested 400 million yuan investment led, Sequoia Capital and Nanshan capital with investment. 2016 online broadcast gave the industry a big egg, one is a global broadcast originator, domestic broadcast start-up companies get huge financing. According to the statistics of a total of 202 IT orange with live related start-up companies, the financing of the author believes that the industry is brought to the broadcast industry in winter rather than spring. The main points are as follows.

capital boom, high spending

In the capital boom encouraged

, game broadcast industry began to burn, in order to achieve the purpose of occupying the market quickly. One of the two most severe burn, bandwidth and anchor game. In the United States, its broadband almost no cost, because in the United States users will pay more bandwidth for video packages, so in the United States, if you have a large number of content, telecom operators will gladly open access bandwidth.

in China, however, bandwidth is an unavoidable problem in the video industry. Some industry insiders pointed out that at the lowest rate of 800K to calculate, an online broadcast platform for millions of dollars per month, as long as the bandwidth costs as high as 30 million to $40 million. Which is obviously determined in 2015, Huya bandwidth budget is as high as 260 million yuan, is a 20 million + month.

on the other hand, as the main source of the current live platform platform, the higher the cost. In October 2014, the famous "hero alliance" strawberry retired to the annual salary of 5 million yuan signed banners, according to reports, strawberry before the monthly salary is only 20 thousand yuan, immediately triggered a burst of hot friends. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, with cranes, banners into the array, the first anchor from hundreds of thousands of annual salary rose rapidly to tens of millions.

I think the 2016 broadcast of the start-up companies will face a major reshuffle, on the one hand is the basic operating costs continued to grow, on the other hand, rising prices of content sources. Many companies did not get financing in 2016 to start the industry can not meet the spring.

in addition to burn, only a loss of

Betta CEO had told the media that the TV has not been anxious Betta profit, but small attempts have been part of the revenue each month to macropodus. Revealing behind it is currently is still in the burn, loss of fish. In addition, the celebrations of the times CEO Li Xueling said, 2015 invested 700 million yuan tiger live, according to the celebrations of the Times reported in 2015 that the game live first quarter revenues of 55 million yuan, the second quarter of 85 million 300 thousand yuan, the third quarter of 82 million 400 thousand yuan, Fourth > yet

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