Mother and child industry heavily locked portals

The rapid growth of

to more than 10% of the rate of maternal and child Chinese baby industry, market capacity of up to 500 billion yuan, and the fierce competition in the industry, is the Internet parenting media as a marketing "a hotly contested spot".

Cui Lili, general manager of Sohu

North China marketing, said that with the 80 population gradually into the peak of fertility, consumer spending habits and media exposure habits also show the characteristics of the new era. The network has become an important medium for their baby contact information, they prefer personalized network childcare services to parenting consulting information and interaction have a strong desire, but also from the material to the spirit of the Internet platform dependent child.

is an obvious trend, almost all of the large maternal enterprises are increasing on the Internet marketing investment, and took the opportunity to increase the portal to the related enclosure action, in order to advance to consolidate the advantages of the platform. According to Sohu maternal and child channel editor Zheng Rong said that currently only Sohu mother and child channel has 8 million registered users, active users of the year, this year will launch a series of boutique fashion parenting section of. But Zheng Rong also reminded that the maternal industry is a special industry, the network media to avoid excessive commercialization, the key is to create a sense of trust, to solve all the difficult problems of parenting life fast and accurately, so that consumers form the basis of trust brand dependence.

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