Hurry that year one step away from the Chinese nternet

looking for my friend to see the "rush" that year, I did not expect, may be more "one step", miss the youth film to see more, have a little nervous numbness, there is no a youth film can fully explain my youth, we this generation of youth and the Internet the affair began from the us to enter puberty and the Internet, and the Internet in youth with flies. That once took 100 yuan to go to Internet cafes to stand for five hours, for fear of being laughed at even the computer will not open, the last "failed" young man, are now pointing on the internet.

if the Chinanet was built in 1995 as the ruler, China hurried the Internet has gone through nineteen years, the Internet gradually in part by a new thing into daily life, these nineteen years, the Internet from the initial dial up to 100m fiber from Web1.0 to web2.0., from the PC to the mobile terminal, from the blog to micro-blog, from QQ to WeChat, from Taobao to eBay, change of information in the creation of a climax of the Internet, and give us memories of Youth Internet products, there has been some will continue to move forward with broken halberds defeat.

long ago wanted to record a section of the memory of the Chinese Internet, should be the "rush that year," the king, today to write a Chinese Internet rush that year.

is known as the "yinghaiwei space


"Chinese from the information highway has far? 1500 meters north – Ying Haiwei time." In 1996, Beijing Zhongguancun South Gate erected this billboard, design, color, font can be called "wood louse" two words, but this is thought to be a starting point Chinese internet.


are not yet completed at the China Telecom ChinaNet backbone network, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, "the sea", the pager business to earn a pot of gold and Liaoning Zhang Shuxin founded the Haiwei Ying information communication company, won the first China Internet access service (ISP) qualification.

Ding Lei was the personal BBS hung in Haiwei Ying on the website, and now the technical director Zhang Zhaoyang was once a year yinghaiwei several "children" in the.

, a senior friends recalled him in 1997 an ordinary day: a day early in the morning, and my classmates waited at the door of Ruijin yinghaiwei space next to the hospital, in order to free internet. Ying Haiwei = =Internet. This is a lot of people understand the internet. And then a very influential Xinzheng..


but yinghaiwei as it has in the past, the Internet era has Chinese synonymous end. 1996 yinghaiwei was acquired in 1997 1998, large losses, the resignation of Zhang Shuxin, the Internet has become Chinese pieces of history. In October 19, 2004, yinghaiwei licenses revoked by the Department of industry and commerce..


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