State Council to deploy government information disclosure to explore micro blog WeChat channel

    [the "opinions" also give full play to the government website information disclosure in the platform, requirement of expanding the functions of government websites, government around the work and the focus of public concern hot, led by mail, public quiz, online surveys and other ways to strengthen the interaction between officials and people]

in some localities and departments of government information disclosure is not active, not timely, in the face of public concern does not respond, no sound and other issues, the general office of the State Council, before the release of "on the further strengthening of the disclosure of government information to respond to social concerns to enhance the credibility of the government’s opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), required to do the work of government information disclosure, strengthen the public the effectiveness, to enhance the credibility of the government.

State Council stressed that the above behavior is easy to make the public misunderstanding or questioning, to the government’s image and credibility adversely affected.

research center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, media economics and management director Xie Yungeng told the "First Financial Daily", this deal will promote the small of government, especially in the system to ensure that local governments and departments must be avoided after some prevarication, cold and opaque problems.

spokesman need to take the initiative

"opinion" emphasizes the construction of news spokesman system".

in recent years, many government spokesman was questioned by the public, even by the official People’s daily micro-blog criticized as "slaves", "personal endorsement"; some news spokesman in response to the social hot spot is not positive, not professional, various factors which lead to distrust of news spokesman.

which has formed a vicious spiral, several local or government spokesman told reporters frankly stated: no positions are easy to speak, as the spokesman, have become more cautious, more reluctant to face the media and the public.

this, the opinions stressed the need to take the initiative to do a good job of important policies and regulations to interpret, properly respond to public questioning, timely clarification of false rumors, the authority issued a major event information focus".

the general office of the State Council gives quite specific institutional arrangements, such as the macro economy and people’s livelihood and social concerns are more closely related to the functions of the Department to clear requirements, "the principal responsible comrades every year in principle should attend a news office of the State Council press conference", "to further increase the frequency of publication, in principle, each at least a quarter by a press conference".

opinion also requires full play the role of government websites in the information disclosure platform. One of the key words is interactive, requiring the development of government website functions, focusing on the government’s focus on public works and public concern, through the leadership mailbox, public questions and answers, online surveys and other ways to strengthen the interaction between officials and people.

"opinions" also highlights the attractiveness of government websites, affinity.

for a long time, some local and government websites have become

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