Sina micro blog was a live webcast of the apple is it involved

last night, there are a lot of micro-blog users reflect the popular live software "has been broadcast allegedly apple App Store store shelves. After verification, the current App Store has been unable to search a live broadcast.

reasons for the shelf, saying different. Prior to this, there are some live software for jurisprudence, brush list had been apple under the shelf, the broadcast is why?


according to NetEase science and technology reports, a science and Technology (a live), vice president, he said, a live Apple has indeed been under the shelf, but the reason is not because of jurisprudence, but because of a small technical mistakes.

According to a

broadcast staff revealed that this technology made some small mistakes is not very low, you say. But soon there will be an updated version online.

it is worth mentioning that, recently, the Ministry of Culture issued a network performance management approach, on the webcast behavior made strict restrictions, the approach will be implemented on January 1, 2017.

"measures" requirements, network performance management units shall submit to the administrative department of culture at the provincial level for the network culture operation license, does not have the content from the trial and the real-time monitoring capability, not open channel performance.


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