Part of the domain of the new network was attacked in some areas DNS parsing instability

Admin5 station network news, the afternoon of June 10th part of the webmaster reaction, from 14 points around the beginning of the emergence of new fault network, their new network DNS services under the domain name can not be accessed, that cannot request the host through the Ping domain name. The new Baidu Post Bar can find many webmaster reaction site can not normally access, currently part of the site has been restored access, there are many websites still can not open state, more webmaster reflect their own website and you can open and not doubt the new network is subjected to a new round of attacks.

new Baidu post bar owners have reflected can not open the site


Adsense micro-blog broke new network attack


and webmaster in micro-blog broke the news that the new network official said this afternoon, the new network domain name attacked, resulting in the increase of new network DNS server load, some parts of the DNS resolution service instability, many sites not normally open. And said it would have been resolved to resolve the domain name, because the telecommunications around the DNS requires a certain amount of time, so it has not yet fully recovered, I hope the user to wait patiently. As of press time the fault has not yet recovered.

              according to statistics, 57% of the domain name resolution service in our country is in a state of risk, of which the domain name of the 11.8% is in a high risk state because of improper configuration management. 4.2% of the country’s recursive domain name server port randomness is poor, vulnerable to DNS hijacking attack, much higher than the global average of 0.98%. Domain name security is always an important topic in the webmaster attention, it is directly related to the important link of the website traffic, ranking and user experience, the new network attack again, undoubtedly sounded the alarm for domain security.

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