Video download network temporarily off the head of everyone has access to the film and television

yesterday was the thirteenth World Intellectual Property Day, which was established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2001. This was not a very famous theme of the day, but because of several major domestic video download site within two days, a series of closed or closed, and a lot of users know. Many rely on video website "as the caption group and" American fans, "play facing shortage". Prior to speculation that these sites may be just to avoid the limelight, but this morning, once closed, everyone film has been a normal visit.

"everybody knows, this is a gray area"

yesterday, a "HD video site network was blocked, CEO caught the news, became the focus of netizens talk. This website is very popular in HD movies and fancier, known as "China Digital HD first portal", which has been established for ten years. On the site, there are a large number of high-definition movies available for download, high quality music, etc.. Members pay a monthly fee of 50 yuan, you can enjoy the high definition, good quality high-definition Blu ray film.

but because of alleged infringement of intellectual property rights, the country’s most famous pirate HD movie website CEO Zhou, has been under criminal detention, as well as 30 employees, will also face detention.

yesterday, the reporter tried to open the idea of the network, found to have been unable to access".


network was closed, yesterday, many users suffered another "fatal blow" well-known "everyone in the film" "home" and "Chinese HD network" video website, also announced a temporary close. Everyone in the film, said in its official micro-blog, we now have to develop their own subtitles to watch the habit of watching movies overseas. Everyone gradually shut down the film and television resources to download, but the subtitle download and film and television will continue to introduce, of course, subtitles translation subtitles must be continued. We will guide you to some excellent overseas sources to download the source station after." But as of this morning, everyone film has been restored, the official micro-blog explained the reason: the server room where the investigation to stop service. In the "home" on the home page, but now there is only one word, "the mountains crumble, the river for the exhaust, the thunder rumbles in winter, summer snow, heaven, but dare and the king must."

as early as the end of 2009, known as the long bird, BTChina and so on, because there is no audio-visual license, and the Ministry of industry to delete the record number. At that time, the group has a wide range of impact on the station, including everyone, including many pirated video sites, forced transformation. Everyone film, said at the time, will gradually transition only subtitles, give up video sharing." However, under the strong requirements of users, soon, the site has slowly restored, continue to provide download link.


had been a well-known subtitle group working men revealed that during the work there, they were asked to not any "outside person" details of their work, because we all know that this is a sensitive topic, grey areas."


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