Support for the Olympic Games with Sohu Sina Tencent background color

celebrate the Olympic Games, website color.

yes, with the traditional Chinese, the most festive theme color – red. We also see the major portals (Sohu, Sina, Tencent, etc.) have taken action, 2008 is Chinese years, the Olympic Games, as an Internet worker, we should also for the Olympic Games, for the motherland, Beijing, gave himself a limited power.

Some time ago China seismic

people united, disaster relief, Chinese major portal, blog total gray; the people across the country once again unite together for the Olympic refueling, the station once again change, we give this style to take a nice name – the colour of the Olympic games.

recently found a lot of people looking for the Olympic Games, Olympic Games, Baidu, Google at the bottom of the links provided here is to prove that the maple discoloration scheme, Zblog reference:

1, directly change the background image.

to find the STYLE folder in the default.css, which is the default Zblog style sheets, and if we want to change the background of the page (similar to the processing of the major portals), only need to find the body part of body{







The default

backgroud is pure white, now if the background color of sina, will be in the code above background:#FFFFFF; replacement for background:url ( no-repeat center top #fff; that is, pay attention to English quotes behind.

2, similar to the SEO blog, change at the top of the topbacking image, it is more simple, only need to make a special 778*115 the size of the picture, and then use some Olympic material can be covered by the original topbacking.gif or jpg file.

by the way lead the spider, the first steel

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