QQ interface is now the first entrance to the outside of the company to open a drainage window

QQ interface now Jingdong entrance (TechWeb pictures)

[TechWeb] April 10th news reports, Jingdong and Tencent are further warming, today the first screen interface QQ quietly appeared in the Jingdong icon (drainage window) entrance, QQ learned that this is the first in the first screen interface with third party application.

I saw in the first screen interface QQ, located in the lower part of the application manager a total of 9 diversion window, Jingdong entrance ranked sixth. The remaining 8 windows are QQ own products, such as QQ browser, QQ games, etc..

I click on the Jingdong icon, then enter the home page of Jingdong.

insiders pointed out that the Tencent has many application system, which can be ranked first in the QQ screen was recommended but scanty, the Tencent will use the entrance of the Jingdong on such an important position, but also to prove the relationship has been extraordinary.

in addition to the relationship between Tencent shares, Jingdong does not rule out the cost of paying the corresponding flow to buy. But to open this precedent has been rare." Insiders pointed out.

data show that the current monthly active QQ users has reached 800 million, becoming the largest IM software platform, with a huge amount of traffic distribution capabilities. Jingdong into the platform, will bring huge traffic.

last month, Tencent $214 million stake in Jingdong, the acquisition of its 15% stake, becoming the largest shareholder of Jingdong. In the future, Tencent will be in the initial public offering of Jingdong, to participate in the subscription price of Jingdong shares 5% additional.

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