Wool and Gang the the nternet crowdsourcing into the fashion industry

speaking of "knitting", a lot of people’s mind there will be such a picture: the old grandmother sat in the yard of the rocking chair, wearing presbyopic glasses, stitch home children woven with colorful patterns of sweater. After the wanderer, regardless of where this scene with the "squeak" rocking chair never wavered in memory.

forever in the retro has a place to stay in the fashion circle, this scene is essential. With the launch of the 2011 Hermes mother sweater pattern nostalgia had on micro-blog caused heated debate, exclaimed in the high price at the same time, the familiar knitting line let netizens in collective memory.

has the idea not only meet in the full of retro charm of the fashion knitwear regression stage, they also hope to revive knitwear production, from the factory will return to the individual, knitwear production Crowdsourcing to global hand knitting, they will be combined to form a global production network.

is headquartered in the UK Wool and the Gang knitting brand because with this vision and won the Ventures Wellington Partners, including Index and MM Ventures $2 million 800 thousand seed investment, for the establishment of Crowdsourcing can achieve global online network and ability.

now in North America and Europe has more than 50 million of the manual knitting, weaving traditional Chinese, this figure may be even greater. In this huge base, artificial brand "joint right Crowdsourcing", can you imagine the scene? Wool and the Gang CEO Lisa Rodwell said that the initial size might be small, but if the right way, can develop quickly.

How to implement this new business model of

Wool and the Gang? It is the way to the company’s own design and production of raw materials of these sweaters, sweaters need from around the purchase, then the production of each sweater need tools such as pattern and yarn packaged into material package, through the online network will sell package materials to want to do the producer. After the completion of the finished Wool and the Gang repurchase and then increase sales.

can be seen in the Wool and the login Gang website, users can buy Knitwear production has been completed, can also click on the category "Collections" a purchase of raw materials to production. A STRATA T-Shirt, Wool and Gang to sell the material package for 45 pounds, and the price of the finished product after the repurchase and sale price of $85 for sale.

At the beginning of the end of 2008, Wool and the Gang outsourced production to some of the individual producers in Peru

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