One day you won’t remember what URL is

do you remember the last time you typed "http://s.",


recently, Google announced that they have begun to use the search results in the site name and hierarchical path to replace the original search results in the long URL url. In simple terms, it’s like the yellow circle below:


URL web site to be replaced by a more simple and clear path. After all, a long list of only the machine to identify the hyperlink address for people of little significance. The father of the web Tim Berners-Lee has been that the "Http://" in two backslashes are completely unnecessary, which led to the "people need to use more fingers".

while Google is currently only in the mobile phone side of the initiative, the region is also limited to the United States, but the company has a long history of the eradication of the site.

just after the rise of the Internet, the navigation station and search engine has become an important tool for the early memory of people’s Web site outsourcing.

as early as in 1994, you simply do not need to know a site link, in the corresponding classification of YAHOO to find it can click into the. To the search engine era, even without the need to step up in the classification to find, with the Google search for keywords you want, you can find the site. In this process, the web site is more and more important, and ordinary users can not remember the growing web site address.

in the Firefox and Microsoft’s IE browser, already support memory and automatic completion. This means that users generally do not need to enter a complete web site, the browser can help you to complete such as "http://s.www." useless steps. In Apple’s Safari browser, it even default to hide the complete site address, the basic form of those useless omitted. Since the URL address is used only for the machine, who cares if they show up or not?

with links to social networking sites to every corner of the world, in the conditions of 140 words, in order to improve the reading experience and save the limited number of words, short domain name services began to appear, so as to replace the long link. Web site is more meaningless. So that in today’s Sina micro-blog, the link is simply displayed as a "web link" four words, no longer any letters and symbols of the form of hyperlinks. For users, only need to browse the contents of the people concerned to share, you can see the contents of the direct entry is. The significance of the site was further diluted.

at present, such as Facebook and WeChat social giants are trying to become the entrance of the entire Internet, the integration of a large number of Internet services

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