Domestic class Pinterest site over 50 accused of difficult to become a big climate


technology news (Lei Jianping) May 18th news, Instagram $one billion wealth story so many entrepreneurs excited, the other side of the ocean, Pinterest heady, has received a new $100 million round of financing, is likely to become the next Instagram. The Pinterest model continues to heat up, the beauty said, hot, Taobao, everyone have reached, just six China Pinterest web site over 50.

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the domestic market noise, still there is a bearish sound. Internet analyst Xie Wen believes that for the beauty that such companies, they can earn a little money, but it is difficult to have a big climate, this is mainly due to the application of the threshold is too low, once the company officially cut, like Sina, micro-blog and Tencent to enter the field, its advantages are at once as trassient as a fleeting cloud.

All passengers aged CEO

also said that compared with the Tencent, Sina, community e-commerce today are shy to discuss, the magnitude of the market is very small, not really want to burst. Old advice social business entrepreneurs do not be fooled by appearance, to focus on developing their business.


to the Tencent said the media attention and feeling like a man in the square, was suddenly under the spotlight, the feeling is the focus, but in fact the light after the transfer, the person itself does not change, for, is still a start-up company, the future is still a long way to go, focus on good products, good service users is the essence of development.

Jinsha River venture partner Zhu Xiaohu pointed out that the domestic class Pinterest site is still stuck in the flow of traffic, there is a lot of room for improvement in the business model, how to cut into the transaction is the key to bigger.

domestic class Pinterest site over 50


abroad, Pinterest is growing rapidly. According to the latest research by Eloqua organization shows that, although the number of Pinterest users is only 7% of Twitter, Pinterest recommended referral traffic is the latter of the times of two. The study also pointed out that, although Pinterest is 1% of the number of users of the Facebook site, but it offers referrals and Facebook considerable flow. Pinterest is undoubtedly the future of the Internet market darling.

domestic Pinterest sites have sprung up, the site is currently known over 40. Petals network CEO Liu Pingyang of Tencent said, Pinterest website has three kinds, one is the electricity supplier shopping guide, such as and beauty, hit the waterfall flow after the burst of sparks; two is the interest patterns, such as petals; the three is not the first two, but the borrowing waterfall display form, to do their own thing, such as a few minutes, snack control etc..

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