Plasan Bennington gets another $170 million M-ATV military contract

first_imgPlasan, a global leader in the field of combat-proven survivability and armor solutions for vehicles, airborne platforms and personal protection, has received another US Military contract worth $170 million to the Bennington company. Plasan makes plating for armored vehicles. The vehicles themselves are made by Oshkosh Defense in Wisconsin. Plasan is seeking to expand its site in Bennington by 4,500 square feet to accommodate the work. Employment at the site is up to 220 and could grow further.The latest MRAP-ATV contract is worth $640 for 1,460 vehicles and brings the total Oshkosh deal to $4.74 billion, which includes spare parts and support. The 8,079 all-terrain vehicles are mine-resistant and are intended to support the military effort in Afghanistan. Last month, Plasan announced it had delivered its 5,000th armored kit, meeting all delivery deadlines. Plasan is a subcontractor for Oshkosh. Oshkosh received the new contract in late February.Plasan North America and its local sub-contractors have made advance preparations to comply with strict composite specifications and a tight manufacturing schedule. Through the application of the modular Kitted Hull concept, developed by Plasan, all armor parts and components are sent to Oshkosh where they are applied to the vehicle on the assembly line, increasing manufacturing efficiency and reliability. Plasan’s production capabilities are complemented by a comprehensive supply chain that encompasses suppliers of materials, equipment and solutions throughout the U.S. This extensive network provides the flexibility to expand or reduce production volumes according to demand.About PlasanPlasan provides customized survivability solutions for tactical wheeled vehicles, aircraft, naval platforms, civilian armored vehicles and personal protection. A recognized global leader and industry veteran, Plasan’s survivability solutions offer the optimal combination of protection, payload, and cost by combining in-house R&D, design, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities.Plasan combines innovative survivability engineering and design with advanced armor materials development. Its unique development process is based on continuous interaction between the R&D and the Design & Prototyping departments. During this process, Plasan combines computer-generated analysis and simulations with real-time calibration and ballistic test data. The effective combination of test and simulation data enables improved simulation accuracy and performance, resulting in the optimal survivability solution.Plasan’s engineers are unique in terms of their military backgrounds and hands-on experience. As veterans of the Israel Defense Forces they are familiar with soldiers’ behavior during combat and share a common language with the end user. This often contributes to the development of life saving solutions.Plasan’s success is a combination of innovation, a high level of commitment and a full range of in-house capabilities. As a preferred supplier to the Israel Defense Forces and an approved supplier to ministries of defense around the world, Plasan’s solutions have been tried and tested by dozens of armed forces in the most demanding battlefields such asLebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan.About Oshkosh DefenseOshkosh Defense, a division of Oshkosh Corporation, is an industry-leading global designer and manufacturer of tactical military trucks and armored wheeled vehicles, delivering a full product line of conventional and hybrid vehicles, advanced armor options, proprietary suspensions and vehicles with payloads that can exceed 70 tons. Oshkosh Defense provides a global service and supply network including full life-cycle support and remanufacturing, and its vehicles are recognized the world over for superior performance, reliability and protection. For more information, visit is external).last_img

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