Recommend a good project for 90 entrepreneurs

now, 90 began to enter the community, a lot of 90 friends want to achieve their dreams through entrepreneurship. So, what do you want to do the best? Suitable for 90 entrepreneurial projects? Today, Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few good projects to make money!

"DIY" painted plaster shop

painted plaster belongs to the fashion technology in China has just started, at present only in Zhejiang Ningbo, Shenyang, Jilin and other minority areas have this kind of technology, most of the rest of the market is still blank. DIY plaster painting by students, parents and young people’s favorite, the project market prospects.

"DIY" aromatherapy candle shop

DIY candle production should try to make all styles, some shopkeepers themselves do not want to sell a certain product is not completely. Remember that you are selected for the customer, and different customer tastes and requirements should be different. Goods as far as possible to achieve fine, complete, in order to attract eyeballs.

modern people more and more exquisite quality of life, especially in the very young housewife. More and more people are tired of the home decoration style like a hotel, and hope to enjoy the warm and natural rural life at home. Open home to operate a natural, warm, comfortable and casual style of Japanese style rural home based stores, can help them achieve this dream. Shop to the management of natural, warm and comfortable casual Japanese country style home appliances products mainly include rattan, wicker chapter series, fabric and porcelain. These customers are fastidious about the quality of life, the pursuit of life fun, who do not like the layout of the new home of a good man, of course, young women or the majority.



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