Small investment projects which have

at the beginning of the business, funding problems, the problem is an important problem plagued businesses, many people will encounter a shortage of funds, it will choose a relatively small investment, effective projects. So what are these projects?

the corresponding cleaning equipment: under normal circumstances, 2 guns, 2-3 person, 1 days at least more than and 20 car wash, car wash according to the market, large trucks 25 yuan 1 cars, cars and vans 10 yuan 1 cars, motorcycle 5 yuan 1 vehicles, excluding rent, wages, water and equipment depreciation expenses the benefit is obvious. Cleaning equipment prices vary greatly, a set of automatic car washing line with funds of about about 100000 yuan, 3000 yuan of high-pressure pump gun can be taken, as for what kind of purchase, you can not see the need to set. As for the sewage and sludge treatment measures of the investment, but also are very large, you can purchase facilities and precipitation filtration recycling facilities sewage treatment 8000 yuan a set, can only use a special tool for sludge. Rough calculation, generally at least invested more than 3000 yuan, the maximum investment should reach $150 thousand.

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for each adventurous man to conquer fear is one of the greatest harvest. Bungee jumping, rock climbing, mountaineering expedition…… One after another extreme sports is that they express themselves, to show their own another stage. What is suitable for 90 business? Suitable for young people to do the project, every time to reach the apex, the kind of self pleasure is an unforgettable pleasure, after the game to get the courage of the certificate is a kind of man’s proof. Extreme sports like Wang Shuo’s novel "play is the heartbeat," the same man in the majority of the market.

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