A veteran’s entrepreneurial path

must start as early as possible, young people more entrepreneurial opportunities. However, as a veteran how to start it? A lot of people served for many years in the army, eventually embark on the trip back home. After the dedication of youth, how to do poineering work?

(a) growing in Hubei Jingzhou in a remote village in him, parents are hardworking and kind-hearted farmers. The thought to the Army long experience, learn some technology, but when an ordinary communication soldiers. The last century in 80s, after demobilization home, he began to embark on the difficult road of independent entrepreneurship. At the beginning of

technology, capital and the difficulty of life. Study hard, work hard, forge ahead, create a green space for the sustainable development of the advertising industry’s belief that Yang Xianghu win, come to the forefront of the times. After 3 years of hard work, he proposed "China media ad network" multi recognized.

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