Drugstore name


is different from the general commodity, but the profits of pharmacies is also very rich, because of this, many investors now want to open a pharmacy to make money. However, if you want to have a good business, you need a good name first. So, what kind of drug can be the name? Here, Xiaobian to introduce the name of the pharmacy Daquan, for more investors reference.

have two styles, one is biased the medicine hall style, is a modern western style elements are small, the following is to recommend the store name, store name Daquan, for everyone to choose their own name.


smile appear pharmacy

interpretation: originates from the TV series "doctor" to the pharmacy with the skill of the smile appear, Italy; a Tong Yi, and from Italy, and interesting effect after treatment, and can prevent the same name, easy to remember.

pharmacy Name: spring to large pharmacy

interpretation: have excellent function, if patients get sick, such as loss of life of spring scenery, just enter the pharmacy for medical treatment, rehabilitation can enjoy the life of spring breeze.


pharmacy drugstore auspicious clouds

interpretation: comparative literature, meaning auspicious.

store name: 100 Xinglin

interpretation: "Xinglin" is Chinese medicine name, "100 Xinglin" to describe the pharmacy brought together many talents, moral pharmacy professional; homonym for "people spirit", meaning this is the people’s dispensary.

pharmacy Name: a big hall pharmacy

interpretation: a large pharmacy for the sake of public health.

pharmacy Name: Ji Kang pharmacy

A person who is in a position to help or have difficulty or need help; to be healthy, to be healthy, to restore health, to help the sick in order to restore health. (


pharmacy Name: Kang source

interpretation: means that the source of health.

Name: 100 large pharmacy pharmacy

interpretation: contented, easy.

pharmacy Name: Zhong Ji pharmacy

interpretation: faithfulness >

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