The car trunk mat ten brand list

is a very important form of car, the car trunk has been an important place to transport a variety of products, and in order to maintain the trunk of the car, also has a variety of professional. The car trunk mat is a set of so-called water, dust, dirt, sound insulation, protection of trunk carpet five main functions of an environmentally friendly automotive interior parts, with the continuous development of the industry of the trunk mat, trunk mat there are many brands on the market, announced this year’s small car trunk mat ten brand list for your reference.

The first brand

car trunk mat ten brand list: Bozhuo

Bozhuo in 2013 developed a high side stereo surrounded by car trunk mat, completely subvert the traditional concept of trunk mat, will be the first full introduction of concept of 3D stereo integrated trunk mat industry, to create a high quality car trunk mat Naizang, slip line for Chinese owners, has established a perfect retail system, layout more than 1 thousand terminal experience center, establishing a good brand image, to become the preferred brand owners trust.

car trunk mat ten brands list second brands: Daofu gold

Jin Daofu, founder and leader of the car trunk mat industry, attention to innovative design and superior performance to create a car trunk mat first-class solutions. In 2014, Jin Daofu used MSO modular technology invention special car trunk mat, car trunk mat can not only make the decorative aesthetic upgrade, but also realize the optimization of car trunk mat dust-proof, anti-skid function function.

car trunk mat ten brands list third brand extension:

extension of leading car trunk mat environmental trend, "designed to build environment-friendly package trunk mat for the development of philosophy, the line retail stores nationwide reached more than and 500, sold in Europe for more than half a plate, a completely enclosed car trunk mat trend, over the years, Bozhuo continuous innovation in the car trunk mat product design and development. The product involves the whole trunk mat, surrounded by dedicated car trunk mat category.

car trunk mat ten brands list fourth brands: mubao

mubao over the years has been committed to the development and production of car seat, in 2000 developed the first car seat, to inject fresh blood into the automotive supplies industry, is currently one of the car seat to do the best manufacturers, cushion has been recognized by consumers, first mubao rely on its strong brand reputation to start production of cars trunk mat gradually.

car trunk mat ten brands list fifth brands: the


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