Win in Jiangxi green cup Youth nnovation and entrepreneurship competition recently

is now all over the country are actively promoting the entrepreneurial activities, but also the emergence of a large number of young entrepreneurs in the whole society, in order to further stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs, is held in many fields of social entrepreneurship competition.


1. for the crown, runner up, 100 thousand, 80 thousand, respectively, to give cash 50 thousand yuan reward. The top 50 players were given a cash reward of $10 thousand. Will strengthen the support to the outstanding project;

2. of the contest winners outstanding project, the organizers will give relevant policy support, the Provincial Department of human resources and social competition top 108 entrepreneurial projects, according to the location of the project, to give 10 to 500 thousand yuan venture loan secured by the community sector support;

3. on the top 30 players, will have the opportunity to get a mentor at the provincial level mentor and support for a period of one year;

4. to enter the top 108 projects before the competition, can enter the provincial youth entrepreneurship incubator base for incubation, enjoy rent relief, loan support and other preferential policies. To the city level, will focus on the failure to successfully qualify for the top 108 other outstanding projects, into the city’s first youth entrepreneurship incubator base tracking incubation;

Science and technology project

5. contest emerged, comply with the relevant conditions, by the Provincial Department of science and technology help to apply for a patent, and patent application fees in relief and support to tilt, open up Easy Access, simplify handling procedures.

the win in Jiangxi "green cup of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition is to attract more young entrepreneurs positive two Jiangxi entrepreneurship held in Jiangxi" recommendation

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