SYE project support funds to support entrepreneurship

nowadays young entrepreneurs is a very common, and some young entrepreneurs in social entrepreneurship activities have also received help from all walks of life in Sichuan, some of the young entrepreneurs issued funds to foster entrepreneurship.

"the support loan is really took me to my first venture as pressing danger, enhance the confidence to fulfill my entrepreneurial dream." Recently, Leshan City, the first batch of SYE project funds to support centralized distribution ceremony held at the Leshan branch of Bank of communications, ready to carry out valuable Chinese herbal medicine planting young entrepreneurs Shuai received 100 thousand yuan interest free loans from banks to support entrepreneurship.

It is reported that

two months, in support of the Leshan municipal government and the city agency and other departments, organizations at all levels to promote a strong, young entrepreneurs has received calls, visiting more than 1100 passengers to consult, reported 158 projects, has two groups of 43 entrepreneurial projects through the provincial expert group strict examination selection. Get a total of 4 million 220 thousand yuan of funds to support. The number of projects and access to funds in the province’s 21 cities, ranked third.

and the project success rate reached 80%, by 43 in the final review of entrepreneurial projects, involving modern agriculture, commerce, trade, cultural and creative industries and software etc.. According to the opinions of the experts, these projects have a high level of science and technology and broad market prospects.


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