Pengshan District the establishment of 18 million yuan innovation and entrepreneurship fund to prom

policy innovation and entrepreneurship should be thoroughly with the provinces and cities, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the role of innovation and entrepreneurship, so that more people in this preferential policy, realize the wealth of life.

2 25, the reporter learned from the Pengshan District of Meishan city to understand, to encourage innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples, in 2016, 18 million yuan to set up the innovation fund, mainly for subsidies, incentives, loan interest subsidies and other support to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

will also for the college students for the first time in the business area or graduating college graduates in five years (including non residence in the city) to give ten thousand yuan subsidies of entrepreneurship; founded in the area of the hackerspaces, incubator, Venture Club, gathering area of e-commerce through the review after the rental within three years of subsidies for 50%; the provincial and City recognized incubation platform, to give a one-time maximum subsidy of 200 thousand yuan.



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