The 5 most promising projects in 2012

2012 is not the end of the world, but it is a good year to get rich. But what are some of the best investment projects?!


1. clothing and accessories industry:

2 stores and health food industry:

from the investment threshold, comprehensive drug stores or pharmacies in the investment threshold, the average of more than 500 thousand yuan, gross margin of about 35%, the payback period is longer, more adequate funding for long-term development of entrepreneurs. Health food store, is divided into natural health drinks shop and emphasis on health, diet health food restaurant, which is a higher cost of shop, with an average of about 400 thousand -60 million. And healthy beverage shops investment threshold is relatively low, shop costs an average of about 100 thousand – 150 thousand yuan, not only more easily, and the gross profit can be as high as 60%, if successful, will be the most profitable industry in the fast health concept.

3. environmental protection industry:

4. urban emotional industry:

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