To learn how to praise customers

almost no one does not like others to praise themselves, if the praise can play a better role, we do business, how can we play this effect? As a manager, how to increase the popularity of their shops, this is a permanent topic. In the daily operation, the owners always do anything, such as posters, holiday promotions, discounts and preferential anti roll, integral, free gifts, through a series of promotional activities, hoping to attract the attention of customers, improve the retail turnover. The day before, the number of cigarette retail and peer communication, to understand, to collect some business "secret", one of the most worthy of reference, is to learn to praise customers.

Zhang boss: praise customers, can bring unexpected harvest

shop to do business every day to deal with all kinds of customers. This is the way we need to learn how to communicate with others.

remember once, just had lunch, the store to a pair of middle-aged couple, I quickly came forward to say hello: "uncle, aunt, you want to point?" They said, "it’s all right. Just look at it." At this time, there are no other customers in the store, I will accompany them. "Auntie, is this your first visit to my shop? How far is it from your home?" I asked. She said with a smile, not far away, your uncle riding an electric car with me, nothing to go around." I said: "I envy you! Spirit so good. My mom and you are almost the same age, can be legs inconvenient, is not easy to come around."

remembered warm hearts. At this time, the elderly couple face revealed a smile of blessing. I poured two cups of water to the old man. Then, and they pull up the homely. Learned from his uncle’s mouth: his son working outside the home, they left the old two, he is the village cadres for many years. Now the rural living conditions are good, free time, the country to promote each village set up a square dance website. He often online learning square dance, the square dance, live video recording, from time to time to show the villagers dance on the Internet, praised the cultural sector of the county. Last year, the town held on the square dance contest, he organized the square dance choreography "sunset red", "village stage", won the first prize and two prize.

I pretended to be surprised and asked: "uncle, you are really great. In the rural areas, as you age, the computer will not!" He was happy to say: "young people are out of work, no one taught me, can only teach themselves, to lead us all fitness, can be regarded as a fun for me." The old man told his square dance website beam with joy, I seize the opportune moment points like saying "you are really simple!" And let him leave the web site, he seemed very excited to give up the computer, search square dance website.

glad, he said, his son at the end of the year to get married, they want to.

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