Xiamen animation game industry revenue grew 29 6%

in life, animation games are more common. A lot of friends, in the leisure time, will play a game, which also created a considerable profit for the animation game industry. Below we have a detailed understanding of the specific circumstances of the Xiamen animation game industry revenue grew by 29.6%.

reporter learned from relevant departments, according to the city of animation and Game Industry Association on the 154 animation and game companies statistics show that 1-4 months of this year, the city of animation and game industry operating income 2 billion 870 million 334 thousand yuan, an increase of 29.6%, taxes amounted to 93 million 788 thousand yuan, an increase of 60%.

at present, the city has successfully listed on the new board 6 animation and game companies, animation enterprises operating income: 4399 Network Inc, Migu Animation Co., Quyou (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiamen g-bits technology Limited by Share Ltd.

Xiang Tong information, set sail in the CP transit Migu mobile phone animation platform revenue more than 10 million yuan, Xiang Tong animation, bird animation, Keya old animation companies in high growth Migu mobile phone animation platform revenue, access to new media business awards. Xiamen city Nidong Technology Co. Ltd. the first R & D for e-sports game CS games, the first domestic VR game online operations.

animation companies in the city actively follow the steps of the IP authorized transactions to adjust, and gradually find the product realization channels. Game companies basically completed from the end of the tour, page tour to hand travel transformation, while the completion of the transformation, the beginning of the layout into VR, E-sports and other new business.

it is reported that this year the ninth Xiamen International Animation Festival will be held on August 12th -15 in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled, then, the city’s animation game industry will be the collective appearance of the results of the transformation.

With the continuous development of

economy, a lot of new industries have been greatly developed. Animation game industry, as a moment of a very popular industry, not only for the majority of players to provide more novel games, but also for many animation game industry manufacturers have created considerable revenue!

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