Open car beauty franchise these methods you can learn from

now with the number of cars is increasing, so it is good to promote the development of the market after the car now, more and more investors also joined them, choose to open a car beauty shop to venture capital, but the business shop is not a simple thing, how to open a good car beauty shop? Today, the United States and the United States and the United States car car beauty Xiaobian to talk about these issues for you:

1, identify your target group. That is, you want to do most of the car beauty franchise luxury consumer high-end customers, or the pursuit of cost-effective customers in the end, or blindly figure cheap low-end customers. Once identified, the theory will not change, the work behind all around this expansion. Of course, in determining this before, may encounter some restrictive factors, such as cheap and suitable dressing room, the location is in the end the owners concentrated community, because the house is rent free, it is not possible to change the place. In fact, the main thing is as the original intention of automotive beauty. Under normal circumstances, is to determine the target population, that is, market positioning, in the future to start other work.

2, reserve talents. In general, a car beauty shop needs at least two such talent. The first is the management of talent, such people responsible for store operations, including management and sales. Second kinds of people are technical personnel, mainly responsible for the construction technology, and quality control. Because of this, two people are very easy to find, so before the location, decoration and so on a series of work, we need to determine. Of course, with the site at the same time, or slightly after the site can also be. It’s easier to talk to people and listen. Really preparing for it, there are professional staff to give advice and suggestions. To do the preparatory work before the start of the business for the future to pave the way to reduce the risk of investment waste.

3, site selection. This can be carried out simultaneously with the talent pool. The main need to consider is: first, the selected lot is in line with your market position, that is, your target population is concentrated enough. Second, select the front parking spaces as much as possible the facade. Third, the door is best not to isolate the belt, and slow speed, generally about 40. Fourth, at least to have a beauty shop construction, sharing and film workshop. Fifth, if there is a car wash business, then there are at least 1000 cars in the car within 5 minutes of car ownership, of course, this is for medium-sized cities. If it is a small place, you can consider halving. In addition, the rent is the bulk of operating costs, so to control the rent. Under normal circumstances, the rent should not exceed 25% of the average monthly turnover expected. Otherwise, it is difficult to survive during the growing period!

4, purchase of equipment and necessary materials. This investment can be more or less, or to adjust according to market positioning. Each category of goods, there are high and low brand. According to the target population, determine the use or consumption of what brand of material can be

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