Do business may wish to learn the customer first is king Ma

what kind of attitude should we take when facing the customers? The idea of each business is different, different practices, the return will naturally be different. And in the current such a commercial society, we may wish to learn from the attitude of Ma to treat customers, I believe will be helpful to the business of many businesses.

I live in the city with the Han culture civilization in the city, for the convenience of nearby residents read read a newspaper, a few years ago, I offered early retirement and help sister-in-law for cultural business license and tobacco monopoly license, we operate a kiosk, it is located in a downtown side, as long as it is the family business is busy, I always love the book kiosks, while helping sister-in-law to take care of the shop, enjoy a variety of free books.

in the bustling street, the street coming and going of the traffic flow, especially now, in the late fall, immediately ushered in once a year "double eleven" festival, look at those men and women from my eyes hurried up highly individual and unique shape, quietly passing vehicles and bosses. I think these are indispensable consumer groups in the city.

how to let them to the newsstand consumption is what I have been thinking about these days. I always love to see the "fortune" magazine about recently: "Clinton praised Ma customer first business philosophy, I also learned from many secret operations and key points.

Ma said: looking for a sustainable development of a good market and competitive sales model, is an important factor in success.

Ma also said: we have a lot of free services, but does not mean that free is not good, we beat many competitors the secret lies in our free service is better than they charge.

since the Jiangsu Book Fair held in our city, Mancheng scholarly drunk people, reading activities in the general public in the new upsurge again. Then I had an idea, in the store for free shelves, added some group name popular books, newspapers and magazines are free access. For a time, attracted a large number of customers come to the store to borrow, so that both the gathering of consumer sentiment, and increased revenue, but also to meet the customer’s thirst for knowledge. Customers agree that my business philosophy is good! After all, the customer is the retailer best book, the customer is god!

sister-in-law does not agree with my practice, she thought that there is a free newspaper reading? Some people don’t think so, they can watch their first love books and journals for the book who love the content can not suddenly look in the eyes remember it, then do not hesitate to spend money to buy. Sister in law had to admit that this free fast food or cost-effective.

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