Cosmetics store display is not so simple need to master a few small rules

into a number of relatively large cosmetics shop, you often feel very neat and beautiful inside, as if each product are greeting you, prompting you to have the impulse to communicate with them. Can let you have this kind of feeling of the cosmetics store in the display of the work must be a lot of, we look at the cosmetics store display a few small rules.

Chen Lieyi concise semi arc Island

cylindrical counter according to single layer division of goods displayed on

cylindrical counter is a special display vector, this counter is suitable for single product and the main push products on display. The first store can be the main product in our own shop, selling a single product by the layer division is on display, each layer must display the same goods, not with display, otherwise you will lose the key, confusing. Even if there is no POP posters, explosion signs, but also with its special counter shape, independent of the form of display, the display of goods to attract customers attention.

single product or category and concentrated display

some single product or category can do focus on display, forming a large display, so that customers can see at a glance. For example, a single choice of a centralized display at the counter, so that the need to buy a certain brand of customers can purchase all the products needed in one place. There are gift set, in accordance with the order of the main push layered display, customers walk in the store, even if there is no demand for its uniformity will look.

based care products display more neat full

based care products display more neat full, the daily needs of daily necessities can be neatly displayed in accordance with the order, will first give the customer a clean and good impression, followed by its convenient search and handling. The main push of the display of the product must be neat and tidy, not loose and sparse, for the customer presents a rich feeling of goods, in order to promote their trust in the product.

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