2015 private double docking event opened in Hangzhou

management activities implemented more than a year, China’s innovation pattern has changed turn the world upside down. Entrepreneurial problems are basically resolved, effectively enhance the confidence of entrepreneurs. The day before, a pioneering auditions finals in heart staged a city of Hangzhou.

13, 2015 private enterprises "double docking" activities of hackerspaces · the final audition fund project was held in Zhejiang Hangzhou, deputy director of Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Wu Guosheng said in his speech, in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" background, Zhejiang is facing a new round of business pattern, and today hackerspaces is a docking platform for entrepreneurs, "hackerspaces in the project can be great enterprises like Ali, this is not a dream."

13, in order to enter " " in 13th Five-Year; to open a new journey as the theme of the 2015 private enterprises "double docking" activities in Zhejiang, Hangzhou opened more than 1000 from Zhejiang private enterprises, domestic financial sector, the government and the community representatives from Zhejiang province to the Great Hall of the people, private enterprises restructuring, pushing Zhejiang economic cemayangbian.

it is reported that since the second half of 2013, the Zhejiang provincial government on the launch of the "double butt", the original intention is resources at home and abroad science and financial strategy of effective docking with the help of the tall large volume of small and medium-sized enterprises, coupled with all kinds of innovation resources, promote economic transformation and upgrading of Zhejiang.

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