How much money is needed to Hot pot grouper

if you set up shop, the most troubling you or that you first consider what is the problem, we must be very clear in mind, it is a question of funds. Right now, when people want to join the shop, finance is the biggest problem to join the shop, especially the catering stores, shops rent is occupied a large part of the overhead, and fees, staff salaries and so on. Here, small stores around the grouper Hot pot cost on the one hand, explain to you, to open a similar spot Hot pot shop, how much money?

joined the grouper Hot pot need how many money?

First of all,

join fee. There may be a lot of people will say I do not join it, you do not join the words do not need to join the fee, you can save a lot of money. Of course, the premise is that you have to shop all process and post operation, especially the type of food, taste and flavor, do dishes are delicious, can keep the customer? About the cost to join the cat Belle grouper Hot pot join fee is 100 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan from the franchisee shop store address selection. In business, the late maintenance and so on all matters relating to the shop store.

store rent and renovation costs. Store rent decoration costs are based on different cities, the cost will be different. Belle: take the cat shop on the two floor, about 200 square meters, it costs $200 thousand a year. Renovation costs about 100 thousand. It depends on the location of the store and how the local level of consumption.

followed by the wages of workers, advertising costs, equipment costs, material costs, etc., these mess costs add up to about 100000. The above is generally open a shop to answer the cost of grouper Hot pot. But we must not be scared of these data, input more, return too fast, such as cat Belle grouper: a day in Hot pot shop about 25 tables, each table consumption at about 300-400. One day down the water will have nearly 10 thousand yuan. Food and beverage industry, is a high input, high-yield industry. Especially the cat shop overall Belle grouper, the market space is relatively large, we should seize the opportunity to win in this market in Zhuolu, the United States of a cup of soup. A brave man, our shop not just with courage, wisdom and mind. The cat in the Hot pot stores in Belle grouper will be solved, what are you waiting for?


above is the cost of joining the grouper Hot pot of course, if you are on the brand to join what other aspects of the problem need to know, please give us a message on our website to see the message below, we will arrange our staff contact with you.

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