Home furniture factory store chicken farmers Entrepreneurship

let the home business from the city of Luzhou, Zheng Jianwei has become "chicken king", from migrant workers has become a successful example, in spite of this, Zheng Jianwei as simple and honest farmers who is still not lost.

it is unbelievable, the chicken boy was still 6 years ago in Guangdong a furniture factory, now is not only a net worth of millions of furniture factory boss, or to help the villagers to sell slow-moving ecological mountain chicken "chicken king". This young man named Zheng Jianwei, Hu Guo Zhen Da Li Cun, Naxi people.

as Zheng Jianwei in the furniture industry did in October 2012, once sent furniture, he changed his dreams of wealth. That day, he will be a custom-made furniture to the home village of Miao Miao village, see the yard stocked with hundreds of already sold black chicken, and the villagers are the number of ecological mountain chicken market worry. Zheng Jianwei asked, not just the Miao villagers, in his country, the main business is to increase the income of the villagers, but several hundred kilometers from the city of Luzhou alpine mountains, the market has been a problem.

side is the city people with money to buy pure chicken, one side is difficult to sell chicken farmers in mountainous areas, the face of the ecological chicken breeding potential business opportunities in the business, Zheng Jianwei furniture factory at the same time, Luzhou chicken with a huge consumer market, and added to the consignment of Gulin soil chicken team, and in the home town for the the big market in Luzhou set up the first "wellcone chicken monopoly store.

because of Gulin mountain ecological chicken is already recommended in public in Luzhou

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