2016 Shanxi cultural tourism industry forum held in late November

as we all know, with the travel, you can let people’s wealth of experience, to bring people a new development, so that more people in the travel, learn more knowledge. The 2016 Shanxi Cultural Tourism Industry Summit Forum and Shanxi Island Island neighborhood organizations anniversary celebrations will be held in the provincial capital of Taiyuan.

cultural tourism is a new force China foster the development of new energy. 2016 Summer forum in Davos, Premier Li Keqiang said: tourism, culture, sports, health, pension, the five happiness industry rapid development, not only stimulating consumption growth, but also promote the upgrading of consumption. In this year’s government work report, tourism has been listed as an important component of consumer upgrades, to greet the rising mass tourism era.

Shanxi, one of the most profound historical and cultural resources in China, is known as "the museum on the ground". Today, Shanxi’s economy is in urgent need of transformation, tourism has become one of the most dynamic industries in Shanxi. 2016 Shanxi tourism development conference, Shanxi Tourism Industry Expo and other activities, highlighting the Shanxi provincial government on the development of cultural tourism industry forward thinking and strategic layout. Shanxi governor Lou Yangsheng pointed out that the cultural tourism industry has become a strategic pillar industry of Shanxi, is due to the laws of economic development is necessary to upgrade, but also play a key comparative advantage of Shanxi.

forum, the 600 national tourism, culture, investment and other large coffee industry and business elite will gather in Shanxi to explore new energy industry of happiness. Intangible cultural heritage, heritage attractions development, cultural creativity, performing arts and entertainment more than a dozen series of thematic exhibitions will show a full range, dozens of heavyweight guests will focus on Internet plus tourism, tourism wisdom, ecological tourism, tourism investment, creative marketing frontier topics of high-end dialogue. At the same time, positive and island cultural tourism venture capital fund will also be released.

Shanxi cultural tourism industry forum held, you can make a different cultural tourism exchanges, you can do the vanguard of directors, learn from other people’s strengths for our use. The extension of cultural and creative tourism forum, the new play mayor forum, a lot of weapon – the scene to break text brigade industry three problems; the mayor forum, said Shanxi good scenery; Jin Jin Yu love, and the island are the pro tour in Shanxi and other activities.

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