How to choose competitors

now all industries have a fierce competition, if we want to enhance their own strength, can not be natural and whole industry "enemy", choose a suitable competitors naturally become very important. So, how to choose competitors?

carefully choose your competitors, you do not have to be the industry as an enemy, you had better concentrate all resources, aiming at an opponent.

the importance of choosing competitors

in the numerous rival, you can choose the weakest of the first PK out, step by step to the forefront of closer; you can also choose to declare war on all people, so that you become a target for all; you can also challenge the strongest arrayed, with the strength to tell them who is the master of the future.

‘s choice of competitors is a strategic issue, and it depends on how you predict the future market trends and what you are about to occupy". The competition you choose is the "opposite" role in your occupation.

of course, he’s also a tactical problem. Visible enterprise and brand based on vision, can according to different stages of strength and its own characteristics, choose the most suitable object of attack, and step by step to win the final victory.

is the essence of the competitive category to determine the

in essence, we want to choose a competitor should be a competitive category, rather than just a competitive brand. For example, the "Jiuzhitang kidney, no sugar" set by the competition category is sugar containing Rehmannia six ", which is not only a brand of Tongrentang Rehmannia six or Zhongjing Rehmannia six in.

it is worth noting that this opponent category can already exist, you can also create a virtual category". In this category, the purpose is to let us have a definite object in view, there is a suitable target, so as to successfully launch our new class to create. For example, the case of competition in the category of "sugar Rehmannia six" is to launch "Jiuzhitang unsweetened Rehmannia six" created a virtual competition category.

competitive research, characteristics, selling points, categories and categories of competition, the logical relationship between them

competition category is not determined by the imagination, but with the characteristics of the product, the role of market participants, consumer awareness research and other related work.

through the study of the mental status of the four types of participants, we can find the core needs of the current market and the situation of satisfaction; through the core needs of the product and the special attributes of the pair, "

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