How to deal with the flood

believes that the recent floods make a lot of people in the major shopping malls in the empty shelves, there should be a impression, although as a shopkeeper does not want any flood, but this natural disaster often is not we can control. Since it happened, we need to face the brave. So, how to deal with the occurrence of flood shops?

Hua Zi’s clothing store is located in the north of the city, the shop is located in the corner of a commercial street, located in a low position. Less rain in the north than in the south, in the prevention of flooding on this point Hua Zi did not care. The first two years of operation is very good. Are strange, in recent years the climate does not know how much larger than before, rainfall, and all the big rain, although the time is short but rainfall, drainage of commercial street mouth was in the shop on the edge of Hua Zi, so he suffered.

a cloudy rain, the business of the shop has several days without customer willing to shop here in front of the shop, Hua Zi also focused on the whole street water, really is "the river in front of the door crashed". More seriously, after a heavy rain, the water accumulated too much, the door of the store over the high level. The Hua Zi store not prepared sandbags and other water facilities, only to let the sewers into the store.

after the rain, Hua Zi began to seriously consider the way to waterproof. Hua Zixian found the person in charge of commercial street, said the seriousness of the situation, requiring more than a few open drain. Then sent to purchase sandbags, pumps and other water facilities, they find relevant information has developed a complete set of management measures for flood prevention.

Hua Zi clothing store if you can in the location of the time to pay attention to the problem of water, or when the shop is ready to prevent flooding facilities, there will not be flooded shop situation. Fortunately, Hua Zi in the store did not cause great losses before they come up with solutions and methods.

The flood prevention of

should be based on "not afraid afraid of the event" principle, take seriously. Flood prevention and treatment should also consider two factors of people and facilities. In the shop to prepare the necessary prevention, such as sandbags, water pump etc.. On the shop staff to carry out the training of relevant knowledge, to inform the staff of flood prevention measures and the use of drainage equipment, as well as how to escape after the flood.

shop to deal with the occurrence of floods:

first, flood prevention measures

1. store of goods or goods placed on the ground (including warehouse) cannot be placed directly on the ground, with at least 15 cm high pad pad.

2. strengthen the daily inspection of water flooding. Doors and windows whether there is water leakage, water pipes, water valves >

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