450 million venture capital loans is no longer a problem

4.5 million venture loans, so much a dream in youth and give up the dream because of the money problem, this awesome entrepreneurial support policies, but also promote the innovation and entrepreneurship, which can solve the employment problem of society, promote the economic development of better.


450 million loans to support entrepreneurship

2015, the city vigorously implement the college graduates start to lead the program, the cumulative new issuing small loans 2 billion 382 million yuan, the new venture of 126 thousand and 100 people, the city was awarded the "national advanced city business". In order to promote entrepreneurship employment, in 2016, the Municipal Social Council will be expected to issue 450 million yuan of small loans secured by the year, adding a new venture of 25 thousand people, led by the employment of 110 thousand people.

social security

pension five years rose 1052 yuan

to continue to improve the pension standard

2015, the city completed the merger of urban and rural residents pension insurance system in advance, the first implementation of serious illness insurance system for urban residents, expansion of social insurance and additional 4 million 193 thousand and 200 people, basically built the framework of social security system covering urban and rural areas. In 2016, the annual net increase of 350 thousand people participating in social insurance, social security coverage rate of 98%.

2015, enterprise retirees realize "five years even the adjustment of floating, monthly per capita pension increased from 1268 yuan to 2320 yuan, basic old-age insurance pension for urban and rural residents to achieve" 3 tone ", from 2012 monthly average of 100 yuan per person to 180 yuan, the level of social insurance benefits from lower than the provincial level jumped to 10 former deputy provincial city. In 2016, the city and Social Council will implement differentiated pension adjustment, urban and rural residents in the basic old-age insurance basic pension by 180 per person per month recommended

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