How to do poor business channel

is now a lot of people think of entrepreneurship, especially in some rural areas, however, is that there is a guaranteed quality is very real, but if there is no channel, so that the business success also will be faced with the problem very much. But there is a special sale of small food enterprises in Huaian City, shop management for the old couple, Uncle Wang is a man in the Food Factory retired workers. Retired right, again. But the identity changed, the original is a worker, is now his own horse, and when the boss, and when workers.

is the most at home dry peanut brine. Uncle Wang from selling fried. However, the original skills, has now become known to all the insignificant skill, because operators engage in this kind of goods is numerous, Uncle Wang made the price of peanut dry saline, brands have a competitive advantage. Sales group is only for retail stores across the residential area, it is difficult to break through. Wanted to do poineering work the two times, Uncle Wang is no display skills to the full.

analysis of

analyst: Zhu Huizhong

for this business Uncle Wang, we have a lot of retail customers will meet in business, because their sales groups mainly concentrated in a small area, such as rural shops, roadside shops etc.. Coupled with the characteristics of the goods and not much of the characteristics, and the operation of the goods, the species is also a single, sales have certain limitations, so that it is difficult to break through. Not to relax, let go, not a pioneering spirit.

retail store management, variety should be diversified, serialized pattern, which can meet the needs of different grades, different consumer groups. Uncle wang to enliven the operation, to really form their own characteristics, can not stay in the past, true to their characteristics to promote the sales of other goods, do go hand in hand, complement each other.

peer weapon: retail customers Zhao Liang

shop to engage in business, use their brains is the key. Is there a saying called "due to customer’s needs, the goods with the wish? An ordinary commodity, as long as the use of brains, increase creativity, you can make sales by leaps and bounds. So, for the king uncle operating this small food. How to get the goods back to life, get good sales performance? I think, first of all to the commodity structure adjustment, positioning of the product into children’s leisure food, but should pay attention to, not too salty peanut brine, in which innovation can also add other elements, such as chocolate, milk flavor, strawberry flavor and so on.

followed by the commodity to have a certain pertinence, such as the positioning of this product for children’s leisure food, for children’s psychology, in the packaging effort, you can use the card Tonghua packaging, put in the bag

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