Mao Daqing talk about college students entrepreneurship

for college students to start the topic, I believe in the entrepreneurial community has been a concern. This time, Mao’s speech on the topic of Daqing conducted an in-depth discussion, she said college students to guide the business, not blind. Specific details see the following:

why today entrepreneurship this thing becomes so energetic? I think it is not the personal charisma of prime minister Li Keqiang, nor can it be done by one’s strength.

I recently on the "Internet Era" of what is it? In fact, people who have learned the history should know that human society has been a few years of the millennium, but each of the times are leading the millennium, hundreds of years. There is often an era in the history books that marked the beginning of something like that, but when the time comes, people will not think how much it will bring. But today, every era has changed many of the state of human life.

the last window to seize the business innovation

2012 to 2014, I participated in a research project to study the changes in China’s population structure will bring to the community what problems and state. Finally got a few conclusions:

Second, during the period from 2015 to 2018, Chinese gradually entered the aging country, innovation and creativity in weakening.


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