Shop novice how to shop named

opened a new shop, not only need to find the products, to provide more quality good service, but also need to have a good name, so that it can attract more consumers. However, the online shop for a long time found a problem, some friends can remember a shop, and some shop a few times the name I can’t remember……

dispensers name is the same reason, do not remember the name is not creative.

what is the name of the creative idea to talk about here?

first: avoid the use of numbers and letters of the alphabet [personally think that letters and numbers are harder to remember than Chinese characters, if you intend to do business with foreigners you will respect

second: consider what kind of goods to be prepared in the future, the name can be associated with the store in the future sale of goods

third: the treasurer name is very important, the name easy to remember the principle……

finally briefly summarizes: you may know temporarily store, search, search, search baby dispensers three functions, so that the three kinds of names with more simple and easy to remember as the name principle, in order to search to find buyers as soon as possible……

in the case of Taobao, some Amoy friends generally take the name, are named according to their own preferences, in fact, a name related to your store to check the probability of being.

we know that users of Taobao search, most input what you want the name, such as: mobile phone, clothing and other keywords, if your name contains such keywords, so that others can be searched.

such as "female fashion popular front – romantic house", including, fashion, female, popular books, a few keywords, of course, different periods can add some appropriate advertisements, such as discounts, promotions, Valentine’s Day "and other words, but also very necessary.

attached: baby named skills

you know, home page "search, baby" also has shops, the shopkeeper: search search function, you can store the baby by the buyers as soon as possible to search, name and baby is very concerned……

For example: you

a "Qing bamboo pen", is now the two words "pen" baby names, and when buyers search for "bamboo" two words or "Qing Dynasty", this is not your pen by visitors to search…… Now Taobao’s home page as well as the old Bao Bao recommended area, if the name of the baby does not have the package old insurance back, the word is estimated to be less than the search…… >

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