What is the best time to shop in a year

2017 Lantern Festival has passed, many people have begun to embark on the road of entrepreneurship. As everyone knows, after the Spring Festival is really the best time to shop? This time is really suitable for business? So what is the best time to shop in a year? Xiao Bian to make a simple analysis for everyone, so as to help more entrepreneurs who embark on the road of entrepreneurship.

10-1 month shop, customer focus

earnings peak

traffic increases: a month before and after the Spring Festival, is the amount of tourists concentrated period, whether students or workers, either elderly or children, go out shopping, party time is more, traffic, the effect of promotion, this shop is easy by potential consumers, gathered a large number of customers in a short period of time, the formation of a large number of stable and old customers.

consumption cycle growth: with the quickening pace of life, people’s leisure consumption has become a major holiday time shopping, as the Spring Festival Chinese people’s traditional festival, people after a year of hard work to make money, a lot of consumer shopping during the Spring Festival long time, year after year will form a continuous cycle of consumption.

double peak consumption continues: Christmas, new year’s day, Valentine’s day, Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival is a series of one festival, holiday promotion into every business sales promotion main target, general holiday sales reached 15 – 20 times the usual, in this period of publicity and promotion activities such as the product characteristics of people, generate word-of-mouth good effect, in order to achieve a ten, ten hundred, hundred thousand pass effect, and lay a solid foundation for the future good business.

10-1 month shop, site listings more than

shop rent low

combined with the market analysis, the current between the annual rental store in increments of 10%-15%, part of the city growth rate as high as 30%, whether it is rent ordinary housing or commercial housing, rental housing rental costs certainly a year ago 10-20% years. The sooner the store, in the overall investment will be able to solve part of the store rent.

before the Spring Festival is the individual shop business to business owners or other reasons rent facade has a lot of commercial value of the peak, a large number of vacant pavement will come out, so this period is more effective to avoid the store, shop next year’s competition, can also use the lowest price to lease.

will appear after the store to find the phenomenon of pressure will be much larger. The fierce competition will lead to less meat store rent increases to a certain extent, affect the boss of the shop into.

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